2013 New Year Resolution

Resolutions for Year 2013 (Finally!):

1. Let myself go. Don’t hold back. Speak out, loud and clear.
2. Stop lifting my legs when sitting down. That’s very unglamorous.
3. Shower twice a day even when I’m staying home all day, unless I’m sick.
4. Have at least 7 hours of beauty sleep everyday. 5 hours on a busy day.
5. Improve my Chinese language by learning 5 new words each weekday.
6. Finish writing a book! This has been pending from last year’s resolution.
7. Be more active. Join/get involved in something new at least one time this year.
8. Have a good long-lasting relationship with The Boyfriend.
9. Spend more time with God. Reflect at the end of each week.
10. Finish entire seasons of 30 Rock and do what I like.
11. Something to do with TV/Film/Theatre production. Still thinking about what exactly I want to do with it.

There you go. Resolutions posted. 2013 I’m ready now! :)



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