I’ve never had to make so much decisions in my life before.

It has been almost a year since I stepped into the working world and it has yet to set in that whatever I choose to do now will have critical repercussions. Technically, I have been making a huge decision since I was a kid; going abroad to study, selecting which school to enrol, accommodation to live in, etc. But those decisions will only have major effect on myself. It wouldn’t inflict harm on anyone or jeopardise anything (except for little emotional damages on few people involved). Now that I am in the working world, what I decided can actually impact the company and people working for it. Like when I had a miscommunication that resulted in the release of pre-approved ad, my company paid a large sum of money for the reprint*. At work, it seems like I’m always caught up in a dilemma. I have to make a decision for my client yet I don’t really have authority to have the final say, but then again, to a certain extent I do because the client depends on my foresight for advise. I’m a (mis)fortune-teller. Misfortune because I have to think of the worst possible situation and ways to avoid it. Anyhow, have you noticed that most of my blog are work related ever since I started working? Don’t I have life outside work that I can discuss about? That question hasn’t popped in my head until this second as I type this. I have been thinking of trying something new, something more meaningful like saving someone’s life which is why I signed up to be a blood donor. They have yet to call me though. I guess I just miss writing, that’s all. I know writing isn’t something new or going to save someone’s life but there’s a satisfaction every time I publish a new post. Like what I say matters. I’ve been feeling a little insignificant at work cause it seems like everyone know so much more than me. I’m looking forward to the day when I’ve worked long enough to know more.

Maybe I’m writing to save my own life.


*If you are a potential employer, trust that I will be a valuable team player to your company since I made a mistake few has done, thus learnt a lesson that few has learnt.


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