Café et moi

You know how sometimes you know something is bad for you but you do it anyway and ended up wondering why did you do that in the first place??

That’s me and my coffee. I am really fond of coffee, or at least I used to be until I realised few years back that I have a bad reaction to it. My heart palpitates uncontrollably every time I take coffee and I’d be restless the whole day. I tried dissolving the caffeine by drinking gallons of water and going back and forth the toilet but the effect still lasted longer than what’s bearable. So I decided to stop drinking coffee altogether… with exception on days like today. I took 3-in-1 instant coffee this morning thinking a little would be harmless. Almost 6 hours has passed and I’m restless.

If I knew it’ll be bad for me, why did I still drank that coffee?
*Roll eyes at myself cause I deserve it*



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