It’s amazing how much time I spent on this blog and how few posts I’ve posted. The number of hours does not add up.
The problem is that I spent most of my time staring at an empty draft while my thoughts run amok with 1001 things I could be writing about. That’s what I face everyday; me against my own thoughts. There are many times when I feel like doing one thing and then I sit and think about all the possible things I could be doing. Before I knew it, I ran out of time. Although I enjoy a little escapade in my own mind, drifting away with my imagination, there has to be a point where one should come back to reality. Better still, find a channel to bring the imagination to life through writings, artworks, songs, etc. Imagination is a powerful tool because I belive most people who achieve greatness started with an imagination. Then again I could hear a voice in my head saying “Great people don’t imagine, they just do it.” What about great artists then? “Great artists don’t just imagine, they actually paints.” Shucks, I’m losing an argument with my own mind.

To cut long story short, having imagination is great, but bringing those imagination into reality is greater. So I stop thinking and just post an entry.



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