Film Review: The Place Beyond The Pines

Reviewers have been raving about this film and I can see why. Unfortunately, though the movie has a good cast and storyline, I feel like I was sitting for eternity at the theatre.


In the earlier part of the movie we were introduced to Luke Glanton (Ryan Gosling), a traveling motorcar stuntman, who doesn’t seem to have direction in life but to live day-to-day until he learns about his baby son from his former lover, Romina (Eva Mendes). Determined to be there for his son, he quits his job and stay in town. At first Luke has only good motives, but soon we witness him sliding into the dark side as he struggles to find ways to provide for his son who is living with Romina and her new boyfriend. From Luke’s life it then links us to Officer Avery Cross (Bradley Cooper) and the story goes on.

The plot was refreshing and unexpected. I could guess what’s gonna happen next but I was hoping that what I thought might happen will not happen because it would prove the ugly side of humanity. Kinda like you know what person holding a gun could do but you wish that he wouldn’t pull the trigger and when he does you are shocked that he actually would. Something along that line if you know what I mean. This film shows what life can do to a person.

Initially I thought the film does well in portraying the transformation or revelation of human character when faced with life’s struggles, but the film’s stagnant pace makes it becomes painstakingly dull as the story progresses. Even with the incredibly talented actors, good plot and message, the way the story is told made me to feel like I was trapped in my seat. It’s not enough to have good ingredients, you got to know how to cook them. The film was like a plate of overcooked steak.

Having read my review, you would either; (a) Strongly disagree with me and think I lack of the intellect to appreciate this movie (b) Completely understand where I’m coming from.
I guess this movie would make a good topic for a literary discussion, but I watched this film after a long day at work and the slow pace makes it really hard for me to appreciate it.

Mel says: 6/10


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  1. Not a great film, but okay for what it’s worth. The cast is what really makes this movie work, even when it’s ambitions seem to be a bit too high for it’s own good. Nice review.

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