Japan, here I come.

As a child I was a daredevil. I skated down a precipitous slope right after I learnt how to wobble forward in my skates. I fell, obviously, and it hurt but I rolled down again as soon as I wiped my skinned knee. I fell down again and this went on few more times and days. Looking back, I don’t know how I had the courage. Perhaps I have not been exposed to fear. The only fear I had was of cockroaches.

Unfortunately my fearlessness shrinks with age. The realisation came as I am planning for a solo trip to Japan (*Not entirely solo as I have friends there). This isn’t my first solo travel, yet I find myself flinching at the idea of having to plan the route from one city to another, find accommodation cluelessly and having to depend on strangers for directions. I used to seek after those excitement but now I question if I really want to do that or should I just stay in one city where my friend lives. This transformation, for the better or worse, started with comfort.

Comfort usually has a positive connotation. However it has the downside too. Being comfortable is what makes a person stays in the same barren job for longest period because he is apprehensive about starting over at new environment. It is also the reason why someone with the talent to be a diva refuses to go up the stage as she has never done it before. Let me rephrase; Comfort is good but the fear of stepping out of it is bad. Kinda like money is good but the love for money is the root of all evil. Human can get so comfortable staying at their current state, that they began to slouch in the routine and slowly let their vigor decomposes. There’s nothing wrong with it if you’re happy. But if you’re slouching and complaining at the same time then something is wrong. I have to plead guilty to it. I am sitting and thinking that how dreary it is that I haven’t been on an adventure for the longest time and yet flinch at the idea of having to plan one. Life is good, but even if you sit on the most comfortable chair in the world, try sitting for hours and you’ll end up with sore-butt. That is why I am booking my flight to Japan.


If you are as a guity as I am, look and sign yourself up for an adventure today.



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