Have a KitKat.

Hey, are you tired of coming to my blog and seeing no new post?

I noticed a decline in the number of visitors to my blog and I can only blame it on myself. The infrequent number of updates is becoming a letdown. I apologise for not being more consistent and also, thank you so much for staying tune in spite of it. The truth is, I have been having trouble writing a review. I’m now scouting around for creative writing courses that I can enroll in because clearly I need guidance in that area. I’m really impress with movie bloggers who watch tons of films and are able to review effortlessly.

On second thought, I shouldn’t have let my lack of skill stop me. As they say, the more you do the better you will get. I just need to keep writing.

The next time you visit, I’ll have a film review ready for your perusal.

Take a little break

Take a little break



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