Film Review: Hangover Part 3

“The epic finale to the Hangover trilogy is here.” hangover3

I wasn’t planning to watch this right away because as much as I like the prequels I could pretty much guess what the third one is going to be like and it wouldn’t do a thing for me whether I see it or not. Turns out the film is a lot saner than I was expecting, but I was right. “The epic finale” is clearly an overstatement.

The wolfpack is back together for one last round of crazy nights back at the place where it all began, Las Vegas. Only this time it wasn’t their choice. Doug was held hostage by a big size godfather, Marshall (John Goodman), and in order to get save him, the others had to find Chow (Ken Jeong) who stole his gold bars and escaped to Las Vegas.

While the first two Hangover series started with Bachelor Party, Director Todd Phillips opens this film with the wolfpack going on a trip to send Alan to a rehabilitation centre. The wolfpack seems a lot more mature now, like they have enough of the crazy nights and ready to leave them behind until they got entangled in the mafia business and was left without a choice. It seems that their hearts are not in this adventure. They are simply trying to get it done and over with, which is why the story is less hilarious than its prequels. Having said that, it is quite a nice wrap up to the trilogy as we see the wolfpack grow from the first series right up to the last where they are a lot settled and sober now. Will I miss the Wolfpack? Unlikely. Will I recommend this movie? Yes.

Goodbye Wolfpack!

Goodbye Wolfpack!

P.S: Stay till credit ends to see a short clip of the good ol’ Hangover style.

Mel says: 5/10


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