hello Spotify!

I have just discovered Spotify and I know I’m behind some of you, but if you’re the late majority like I am and do not own a Spotify account, I beg you to create one. It is one of the coolest online apps that I have. I don’t have that many online apps, nonetheless, Spotify is super awesome. Basically it works the same way as iTunes, except that it’s free and you don’t have to download the songs to listen to them. I wonder if they’re legal… let me do a quick research and come back.

Back. Okay, I’ve just read that the account is free for the first 6 month, after which there is listening limit of 10 hours per month. That explains a lot. I was wondering how they earn profit besides through audio ads that pop up in between songs once in a while. Even so, I still think Spotify is an amazing platform for music lover and I’m gonna enjoy the free trial as of now. Wait a second… Oh! There are a list of ad-supported countries exempted from the listening limit and mine is in the list! Cool. Thank you advertisers!

Create your account on Spotify today! :)


P.S: I’m an advocate, not advertiser.



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