Film Review: The Lone Ranger

I saw a lot of negative reviews going round online but still decided to watch this film because of Johnny Depp. I’m sure I’m like the majority of people who went to watch. After all even the trailer is all about Johnny Depp (or maybe he is all I noticed). He is the major selling point. In fact, I think he is the only selling point. Watch the following trailer for summary of story:

The makers behind this film sure know how to milk Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow persona. Well, it’s no surprise since this movie is directed and written by the same people who brought you Pirates of The Caribbean. Before watching the show, I had no idea what The Lone Ranger is about and initially I had thought that Depp is the Lone Ranger because he is the only one who appear in the trailer shown in this country. But of course, he is the quirky Indian sidekick and the Lone Ranger is acted by Armie Hammer, The Winklevoss Twins from The Social Network, who also seems to be unable to shake off his well-educated, self-righteous, and somewhat arrogant persona. Overall, this is a mash of things that formed a chaotic and draggy movie. However, the person seated next to be seems to be laughing his ass off throughout the show. Maybe this movie has a sense of humour that appeals to some people, but definitely not me.

Would I watch it if I had known the movie was going to be as such? I’d rather re-watch The Pirates of The Caribbean trilogy. However, I wouldn’t mind watching it online when I have nothing else to do.

P.S: Although I’d say this movie is a flop, I stand by my affection for Johnny Depp.

Mel says: 3/10


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