Food for thought

It’s been aggeeessss since I blogged. I have not been watching any movie lately and I didn’t feel like reviewing those that I watched. I have been busy at work recently which is the way it should be and I’ve also moved to a further location. Thus, considering that I have 8 hours of sleep a day + 8 hours of work + 1 overtime work + 2 hours journey to and fro workplace, I am left with 5 hours. Minus 2 hours of shower and meal time, I am down to 3 hours of doing what I like to do. And after a long day at work, I usual spend an hour being idle a.k.a playing candy crush (Darn you Candy Crush!). All in all, I only have about 2 hours of productive me time.

This could be why I don’t have enough time for movies. Sleeping hours is too precious to be sacrificed now.

Anyway, in my true self of being a fickle individual, I am thinking of starting a new food blog! I eat a lot and since eating is something of necessities why not eat and do something productive as well, yea?

I’ll sleep on it and let you know if the idea stayed long enough to be realised.



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