I hate PMS. I really hate it.

Every month it creeps in me and turns me into a whiny, emotionally unstable woman with mountain of issues. Issues that I have no idea about. I just want to go on complaining about whatever. Even when I have nothing to complain about, I’ll complain about having nothing to complain about. 

I believe not all women have this PMS problem. I think only women with real issues, be it obvious or hidden, will experience the PMS turmoil. Having PMS gives us the ‘right’ and privilege to grouse and blame our negative attitude on it. Thus, to a certain extent I’m grateful for PMS. It is the only time I can be a total bitch and get away with it. “It’s not within my control!”… yeah.

I guess I have been away from writing too long and that is my issue. I need my fix and this is it. 


Whiny PMS lady.


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