My voice on a night like this.

Once a month I would feel so grouchy I wanna bite someone’s head off or scold the life out of someone. Blame it on the cycle. There are two types of men: One who would be amazed at women’s transformation and the other who would scoff and think we’re just making an excuse to be a bitch. There are two types or women: One who would understand what I mean and the other who would agree with the latter type of men that I am being a bitch. I am being a bitch.

It’s been such a long time since I blogged. I am an emotional writer if you have not already noticed. I blogged when I feel the impulse to write, which is why I probably wouldn’t make a very good writer. Every since I graduated and try to fit into the adult working world (for 1.5 years and still trying), I find myself being drained by everyday routine. I like what I do but there’s always a feeling of “there must be something more that I can do”. I don’t have the urge to write because I pretty much feel nothing about anything. I am becoming objective to a lot of things. Everyone has got the right to do or think the way they do. But I always believe you need to have a stand in order to write well. You have to feel for what you write. I know this is just a blog and probably no one would even read this since I’ve not updated the blog for such a long time. But even if your only platform is a blog, you have to make your voice count for something you believe in. Internet has made it possible to share your thoughts so do it, but wisely.

And why would you listen to me?

Because I’m standing for the majority of people who believe in the good of humankind and when you’re given a platform, no matter how obscure, you have to make it count. After all, isn’t everyone just trying to make their lives add meaning to other people’s lives? <– This is a rhetorical question.

Anyhow, Christmas is just around the corner. If I don't have time to update till Christmas, I wish you an early Merry Christmas!! Hope to see you again soon.




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