2014 New Year Resolutions

I’ve always been behind schedule in writing New Year Resolution, but this time I’m really late. Hello, it’s lucky 13 days into the New Year! Anyway, like the old saying “better late than never” (whoever invented the phrase must not have a sense of punctuality), here are my New Year resolutions :)

1. Stop procrastinating. This sounds familiar. I’m sure I’ve had this written on one of the past resolutions I had.

2. Save 10% of my income monthly.

3. Have daily time alone with God, at least 10 minutes a day. I need spiritual nourishment.

4. Contact 3 old acquaintances to catch up and send out minimum 10 postcards to anyone, including a stranger.

5. Think of full story and write it down. Deadline 20 Nov.

6. Update this blog at least once a week. You guys are my witness.

7. Read 15 books.

8. Write a Travel Journal entry.

These are all I’ve got for now. I hope with the more specific goals, I will fare better than I did last year. FYI, I only accomplished 2 out 11 resolutions I had last year. Tsk Tsk. I shall be work harder this year. It’s good to start the year with optimism! Hopefully I’ll have this attitude for the rest of the year. Let the journey begins! :)



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