Week 1

It’s been a week and I’m here to fulfill my New Year Resolution number 6: Update this blog weekly.

This is why everyone should have a goal or list of things they want to achieve. If it wasn’t for the resolution, I’m pretty sure I won’t be here blabbing. The key to successful goal setting is to set it specifically. You have to include what and when; What do you want to do? When do you want to achieve it? Give numbers; once a week, $25 per month, etc. Be specific.

If you set a goal such as “update my blog more regularly”, it isn’t clear enough for you to determine what is considered regularly. You will find yourself straying from your goal because the goal allows room for tolerance. If you want you achieve something, you should not have too much room for comfort or negotiation. Don’t give yourself excuses to be lazy. Update this blog weekly. No debate.

It is also good to have motivation to keep you going. What’s my motivation to want to update this blog weekly? I just want to write. I want to be a writer and the only way I can practice is by writing a lot and have them read by you folks. This is my only platform as of now, but I want to continue till one day I find a new platform to make myself heard. I think that’s most people wish to achieve; to be heard.

So there you go, my post of the week!

Practice makes perfect! Stay tune. :)



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