Developed VS Developing

I am flying to my hometown for Chinese New Year tomorrow and I am blogging now because I won’t have decent access to internet then. The difference between developed and developing countries, aside from the obvious: transportation, architecture, etc., is internet accessibility. A country with limited internet access has limited progression.

Skyline of my hometown.

Skyline of my hometown.

Another difference between developed and developing countries is the chance of success;

In a developed country, everyone have the same chance to be successful regardless of his/her family background. As long as you score well in school, you can earn as much as anyone with the same credential. However the loophole is that if you’re good at hands-on but can’t really focus on the books you’ll fall into the alternative category and find it difficult to have a good seat in a company. The paper you attain after school is the ticket to success.

Whereas in a developing country, you’re pretty much marked at birth. If you are born into a wealthy family, you are most likely to be successful because you have access to the top albeit expensive schools and network with people of the same status. If you are born into a less well-to-do family, you will have to work really hard and even then the chances are slim. Possible, but difficult. Very.

Skyline of Developed City.

Skyline of Developed City.

Of course I was measuring success in monetary terms which does not necessarily define what being success in life means. It might be easier to earn money in a developed country but the competition often creates stress. On the other hand, you might be living simply in a developing country but the lack of competition makes life more relaxed. I am happy to be born in a developing country and grateful to be living in a developed country. It’s good to be exposed to both types of society because you’ll learn to be ambitious but laid-back, competitive but relaxed… And now I know why I have such fickle character. Darn. In any case, there’s no country better than the other. It’s just how we perceive and deal with the society we are in. Do your best in every situation you face.



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