Where we are leading.

I didn’t set up my blog thinking I would be spreading the gospel or talking about how Jesus Christ has saved my life. He did. But I didn’t intent to make this blog a personal or spiritual one. Well now my blog is pretty personal and though it isn’t spiritual, I want to share about my personal view on spiritual matters.

How much of God is shown through me?

I am in my mid 20s, living in a fast-paced society, building my career, finding my way up in this jungle gym*, juggling relationships (one boyfriend and many friends). This is my prime age as of now, and just how much of myself do I devote to shine for Jesus? I believe there is a lot of the mid 20s who is like me; caught up in the worries of the future, trying to establish our foothold in the world. I just want to remind us that regardless how difficult things are going right now or if it goes smoothly for you, we must never forget what we stand for. The mid 20s is the age where we will define where we are heading. If we lose sight of who we are, we might lose it forever. If we lose sight of God, we will lead a God-less life.

To my fellow mid 20s out there: Remember what matters most and let’s sail out!

Here we are again.

Here we are again.


*This is in reference to Sheryl Sandberg’s autobiography, Lean In.


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