Golf and other pretentious things.

If you’ve been wondering where I have been (which I’m sure you haven’t because you’ve just stumbled upon my blog and in any case, I’m glad you did), I’ve been up to nothing in particular but working, taking classes, and going on dates (with one person). The latest class that I enrol in is Golf class! and I’m pretty excited about it. My date, let’s call him Le Boyfriend, is a fan of golf and I’ve always thought of it as a boring game but turns out it’s interesting and definitely suits someone like me who doesn’t like to run.

Why I think you should take up golf.

1. Anyone will look good in golf attire.

These men got swag.

These men got swag.

2. Golf is a motor sports. Not a reaction sport.
Which means you get to exercise the muscles that you don’t normally use and it trains you to think before you act as opposed to reaction sports such as badminton, tennis, in which your body reacts to the moving ball.

hitting a stationary ball

hitting a stationary ball

3. As aforementioned, it doesn’t required running.
But a lot of walking under the hot sun.

Caddy might be your angel.

Caddy might be your angel.

4. I am looking for friends to play golf with.
Yes, this is my ulterior motive. Please let me know if you’d like to play with me! Warning: I am a beginner and I play badly. But I’m keen to improve myself.

Have a good weekend everyone!



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