Mid 20s Trouble (Not again!)

“You know you are in the mid 20s pit when you can’t seem to stop talking about being in mid 20s pit.” – Not so anonymous blogger.

This is exactly what I am doing. Initially I thought that is good because first step to get out of a pit is to KNOW that you’re in the pit. But soon I realised I’m spending too much time cruising in this pit like a pig who is more than happy to playing in the mud. There’s nothing wrong in being happy at wherever you are but what if you know you could be doing something else that’s far more meaningful and helpful to the society than just self-indulging in a pile of dirt?

I’m still trying to sort out my thought as I type this but I think I’m getting there.

Human being (or maybe just me but I’m dragging the entire human race with me to make myself feel less alone) are often caught in self-indulgent or self-pity. We like drinking hot tea when we’re sick because it affirms that we are sick and it makes us feel special. What the heck. I think human are actually smarter than that, my bad.

As someone who has yet to figure out a way out of this mid 20s pit, on the brighter note, I think I’m seeing a faint ray of light. I’m following that light and hopefully it will lead to the way out. At some point, everyone will go through this phase (unless you are extremely fortunate or driven), it just that some will take longer than others to find the exit. I am taking waaayyyy tooo loooooong.

Okay, let this be a start. I am ready to throw my self-indulging, mousey attitude overboard and I’m sailing off this land of no return. Let’s get out of this.

climbing out of the pit.

climbing out of the pit.



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