How to Survive Your Mid 20s Crisis. (1)

Chapter 1

You’re fired.

21 days since they announced my termination I started penning this. When I sat in my big boss’ office and heard him reading off the script “I’m sorry but we can no longer keep you in the company”, I have not fully grasped the situation. I knew I was being fired but the emotion came much later than that and fast forward to today, it’s been 21 days. I have one month notice to serve and clearly time is running out for me to look for a new job and hopefully a better place where I can be rooted and grow. Then again, they say it’s not good to be too grounded to one place just in case the company has to “restructure” and people with tendency to be complacent in staying would often be the first batch to be cut off. Trust me. I speak from experience.

Before I started giving you advice on how to survive the mid-20s, let me introduce myself (you might be thinking why should you take advice from a stranger who can’t even keep her job? You’ll find out.) I am a soon-to-be-ex Account Executive with an advertising company and this is my first job. Recently the company is downsizing to half its size because I think we lost an account and there is a drastic cut down of work amount for the account my team handles. If you’re planning to join the advertising industry, be brave or think again. Anyway, so this whole being let go thing made me think of what I really want to do with life. Like most of the mid 20s, at some point you began to wonder what you want to do for the rest of your life and for me, the answer has always been writing.

To be continued.


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