How to Survive Your Mid 20s Crisis. (2)

Chapter 2

Where to start?

Every journey begins with a single step and how do we begin that step?
I came across a very good quote “Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.” by Nido Qubein, a businessman, motivational speaker, and President of High Point University since 2005 (I googled him). This is where exactly you should start. I started writing this on my office computer while serving my notice. I reckon if I don’t start penning my thoughts I will lose the momentum to act on it and the idea will drift away. Where you are standing or sitting or lying right now is your starting point. There’s no perfect start because if you’re waiting for the perfect start to happen you would probably be a thousand step behind someone else who took their first step right now.

As of now, I have not found a new job yet. I’ve had a couple of interviews last week but nothing fruitful and to be honest this is getting depressing. The first few days after learning about my retrenchment I went on an intense job-searching rampage and sent out a good amount of applications. Now, I’m just getting really lazy to write a cover letter and send out my resumes because I’m starting to doubt myself. Nobody says that taking a first step is easy but it still has to be done. The saying goes “The first step is always the hardest” and after that things will get easier. I’m now taking the first step. I’ll let you know whether or not the road gets easier from here on.

To be continued.


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