How To Survive Your Mid 20s Crisis. (4)

Chapter 4

What was done cannot be undone.

In the mid 20s, there’s a high chance you will (or have already) make bad decisions that you will (or have already) regret. What was done cannot be undone and there’s no amount of regret can make any difference except to make you feel worse.

Recently I learnt about my uncle’s passing away. He is not biologically related to me but I stayed with him and his family during my one year stay in New Zealand. He was a fatherly figure who taught me how to cook curry off the recipe book, took me to the bay to find paua and minced them for lunch, taught me how to fish, how to take chances and how to live life unafraid. He was the kind of man who stands up for what is right even if it means standing alone. I admired him for his sense of justice as well as his sense of humour. He loves watching the good ol’ classic comedies like Only Fools and Horses and he would share a few ol’ British slangs such as Luvly Jubly, Porkies, etc. He was a man of character, both loving and strict in his own ways. His death came as a sudden to me. I knew he has been battling with cancer for a while and I told him that I would come to visit him and the family, but I have not. I took it for granted that I would have him a little longer and that is my regret.

But no matter how much I regret and beat myself up, it will not change any facts. There is no use looking back and stressing how I could have done things differently. The thing that I can do now is to focus on what I have. His family is around and I can still express to them how much I care.

To Ged, Rest in peace. You’ve fight the good fight. xx

To be continued.


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