How To Survive Mid 20s Crisis. (6)

Chapter 6

Procrastination is the thief of life.

In addition to Procrastination being the thief of time. I can testify to it being the thief of opportunities and hence, life. I swear that the evidence that I shall give, shall be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God.

I spent more than half of my life in this land and currently I am residing here as an Alien. When I started working in 2012, my relatives and friends told me to apply for Permanent Residency for security and I never fail to come up with excuses not to. I would give “reasons” such as “I can’t afford to pay more tax with the salary I’m earning”, “the chance of approval is higher after 2 years of working, I’ll apply then.”, etc. What I was really doing was to procrastinate because I was too lazy to work hard. As a result after 1 year and 11 months of working, I was unemployed and with no working status I become an Alien. Worst part is that finding a job in this country without citizenship or PR status is pretty much like finding a missing airplane in Indian Ocean.

I hope my testimony of the brutality of Procrastination will be a lesson or warning or threat (whatever works) to you. Do what you need to do today and stop giving yourself excuses. We should always make use of the time and chance that we have. Tick off the items in the list as soon as possible. And for me right now it means sending out 5 resumes before I go to bed, right after this.

To be continued.


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