How To Survive Mid 20s Crisis. (7)

Chapter 7

Unpack your emotional baggage and Start Afresh.

By mid 20s, most of you would have accumulated a sizeable emotional baggage. This is how mine looks like in rainbow-coloured illustration.*
Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 01.09.53

*I came up with this equation on the night I turned 25 which was yesterday and that means I have officially stepped into the mid 20 mark. Yay!

One of the biggest hindrance that can slow us down is emotional baggage. Imagine yourself rushing to catch a plane, dragging this huge and heavy suitcase across the airport terminal. By the time you reached the gate your plane might have already flown off.

I am an introvert and like most introverts, I am slightly more sentimental and easily affected. Sometimes I get so emotional I could probably sleep on a water-bed made with my tears. But after a recent meltdown, I was forced to look into the baggage that I’m taking with me in life. I realised the only way to move to the next step, past this crisis, is to unload the emotional baggage, leave them all behind and start afresh.

It’s never easy to put aside the emotional stuff, especially those happy memories or past laurels that I wish to relive, but I need to make room for new and better stuff to fit in.


This suitcase is ready for new adventure.

To be continued.


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