How To Survive Mid 20s Crisis. (8)

Chapter 8

Don’t sweat the little things.

Life is too short and there are already too many things vying for your attention to be troubled by the trivial matters. I am at the moment annoyed at Le Boy because he is not responding to my messages. Mind you, WhatsApp is free and this is the most awful habit of his. I kinda feel like I’m wasting all my effort being angry at him when I could be blogging instead, which actually is what I am doing right now. Yes, I’ve decided channel my frustration into something productive. *Pat myself on the back*

Anyway, I have been reading up a lot on social media marketing and what’s happening to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. I’m finally grasping how the world’s marketing landscape has shifted towards digital platform and how social media is changing the way businesses communicate to their existing/potential customers. This is both an exciting and worrying for me; Exciting because I feel like I’m learning something new and something I can excel in, worrying because I don’t have a digital/IT knowledge to leverage my career yet. Today I took the initiative to download a whole bunch of apps like Hootsuite, Buffer, Evernote, etc. to check out what are the hip applications. My iPhone is so hot right now running the whole apps.

Ok back to the topic of this chapter. Do not sweat the little things. Yes. I could have spent the entire night thinking about how annoying Le Boy is, getting angry and adding wrinkles to my face. But instead I choose to focus on building my skills. You might be frustrated at something right now. If it’s something huge then you should focus and try to find a solution. But if it’s not too important such as a boy not calling you back or the bad weather on the day you decided to go to the beach, then it’s better to find other things that will take your mind off it.

I’m feeling much better right now. So yes, it works. ;)

To be continued.


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