How I Overcome Mid 20s. (10)

You might notice the change in title. Yes, I made some changes.

First of all, I dropped the word “Crisis” because I want to change my perspective of these struggles. The struggles are there for my own good and I know that through them I’ll emerge stronger like a diamond out of the fire.

Second, “How To Survive Your Mid 20s Crisis” makes me sound a little too Miss-Know-It-All and the truth is I am as clueless as you are. I don’t have the answers to how you can survive your crisis. The only thing I have right now is hope that I can go through mine and share with you my experience.

Third, I replaced the word “Survive” to “Overcome” because I think I should aim higher. We should not go to war just to survive. That’s a lousy, not motivating goal. If we’re going into a battle, we should carry the mindset of a conqueror or an overcomer. We’re in it to win it not just for survival sake.

There you go. I hope you find this title change agreeable. Just to add and assure you the objective of these articles doesn’t change. I still hope my self discovery journey will encourage and help you on yours!

To be continued.


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