Chapter 12: Work In Progress

How To Survive Mid 20s Crisis.

Chapter 12.

By now, you should know or at least have a faint idea that I am a Work In Progress. I changed my blog structure, mind, sitting position, clothes, etc. as quickly as an indecisive couch potato. I have no idea why I think of the analogy.

Sometimes I wonder why would anyone stop to read what this clueless mid 20s have to say and I start to think if I should create a new blog and write totally new stuff. Kinda like creating another identity; one that is far more certain that I am. But I realised that wouldn’t solve the real issue because I am a work in progress and until I figure out what I want to be, I’ll forever be an unfinished work.

Here’s what I have in mind: I like to write, I like to socialise and reach out to people. I’m an introvert who welcomes online communities. Social Media is a career worth exploring for me. I’ll probably have to restart from the bottom, that’s okay.

I am not hired by anyone right now and since no one wants to hire me, I decided to hire myself. I am offering myself to anyone who is looking for a social media manager. Yes, this is a self promotion. I figured being shameless for a cause is the first step to become a social media personnel. I have not yet posted a selfie which makes me a laggard in the industry but if you follow or befriend me, I assure you there’ll be selfie.

If you’d like to view me on social media, click on the icons. :)

Unknown-2 Unknown-1




To be continued.

#facepalm I have such a long way to go. #determined #mid20s #popcornaday #lol


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