Chapter 14: Travel While You Can

How To Survive Your Mid 20s Crisis.

Chapter 14

Guess where I’m blogging from? The airport!

Ok, I am not flying to anywhere fancy. I am going back to my hometown for a short break but still it’s nice to be sitting at the airport lounge, smelling the airport air, waiting for my flight. Most of my friends hate airplane food, but I actually look forward to it.

When you are busy working, having limited days to take leave, how many of you would save up all your day-offs for an overseas trip? I know that’s what I did and now that I have more time on my hand, I have the privilege of travelling.

If you have some time off, you should book a flight to anywhere. It can be to a neighbouring country or a continent away. No matter where you go, travelling will bring about a new perspective and open your eyes to things that you would not see/learn if you just stay where you are.

Travelling is an adventure. You’ll never know what you’re gonna learn or who you gonna meet. I have done quite a fair bit of travelling in my lifetime and the best people that I’ve met are usually people I met during my trip away from home. Keep your heart open when you travel and take in all that that place has to offer. Learn to receive, and then learn to give by sharing your culture to a foreigner or your travelling experience to friends back home.

Do not be afraid of the unknown. Make use of the time that you have and embrace the World. Once you start getting busy, you might not have time to travel. Don’t wait till then to make plans.

To be continued.

P.S: I will have limited internet access while in my Hometown. In case I’ll go missing for a bit, I’ll catch up with the blogging once I’m back later next week. Cheers!


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