Chapter 15: Benefits of Sleep.

How To Survive Mid 20s Crisis.

Chapter 15

No one can fight a good battle if they are tired and weary, which is why sleeping is one of the most important things to do in the battle against mid 20s Crisis. One might think that sleeping is a waste of time because they can probably use the extra time to do more, earn more, or browse a little longer, etc. But this small act of sleeping can actually give you more power and energy that you will desperately need for the next day’s war. To add more weight to my advice, here are some of the benefits of sleep (in my opinion).

1. Improves memory.
You know how your brain tends to shut off when you’re sleepy. So getting enough sleep helps to improve your brain by staying alert and awake. Besides, I read somewhere that while our body is resting in sleep, our brain is actually working to recall and practice what was learnt earlier that day. The longer you sleep, the more things will likely stick in your brain.

2. Improves mood.
When I don’t get enough sleep, I wake up feeling grumpy and negative. Suffice to say, a good night sleep is the key to a good morning start.

This is how I look like without enough sleep.

This is how I look like without sleep.

3. Improves health.
Have you fallen ill before and then took a long nap and woke up feeling better? Sleeping is like the best free medicine there is. Think of our body as a machine. Machines will break down it they are overworked and not properly maintained. Our body will break down if we don’t give it rest.

4. Improves creativity.
I don’t know about you but sometimes I have the weirdest dream that I could not have thought of. Sleeping brings out the creative side of you that you’re not even aware of. In fact I wrote a blog entry about one of my weird, profound dreams once.

5. Improves looks.
They don’t call it Beauty Sleep for no reason. The lack of sleep leads to dark circles and saggy eyes. When you have enough sleep, you’ll look radiant the next day. It might be placebo effect but I feel prettier and that improves my mood too.

This explain her looks

This explains her looks

Like I’ve said these benefits are in my opinion so I don’t have scientific proof. Nonetheless you can call them based on empirical experiment. Anyway, my eyes are really heavy and the reason I wrote this is because I’m really in need of sleep. If my post does not makes sense, it might be the auto-pilot me doing the typing. But in any case, one should have enough sleep while you have the time. When one day your day becomes so busy, you’ll know how blessed you are to be able to sleep.

To be continued.


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