Chapter 16: Good is the Enemy of Great.

How To Survive Mid 20s Crisis.

Chapter 16.

Firstly, I will be ending this series at chapter 20 and then do a summary of all. More details to come. :)

Okay, chapter 16.

This is what my sister said, “Good is the enemy of Great“. A lot of people settle for good because it is good enough. They don’t strive for more because they are contented with where they are. There’s nothing wrong with being contented. In fact, self-contentment is awesome, but we should not settle (keyword: settle) for what is good when we can achieve what is great.

My sister was a senior motion graphic designer at a prestigious TV network. Her job was good, or some would even think it’s a dream job. But she knew she is destined for more and so boldly left her well-paying job to become a full-time wedding designer. She built her business from a humble beginning and now it is very well received in the industry. I’m proud of her journey. Truly, she achieved what is great because she didn’t settle for what was good.

How did I end up becoming jobless? I settled. My previous company was pretty good; The workload was manageable, location was convenient, colleagues were friendly, etc. Though I knew I can do more than that, the “good enough” situation became an excuse for me to settle. If I had think further and look for something great, I would have been out of that company after my first year. Moral of the story: Don’t settle for good when you can be great.

I believe there is no room for regret, only room for lessons. One thing I’ve noticed – Note to self: Striving for something great requires a lot of decision-making and actions. Don’t settle. Don’t follow the current. If you must follow, then choose a mentor or someone who inspires you and go that direction. Keep swimming!



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