Chapter 20: The End of A Season.

How To Survive Mid 20s Crisis.

Chapter 20.

Aforementioned, this marks the last chapter of How To Survive Mid 20s Crisis series that I’ve been writing for the past few months. Thank you for reading and staying tune! It’s been a wonderful journey.

As of now I’m still unemployed but I’m trying to enjoy this moment as much as possible. There are many different seasons in our lives and for myself, this seemingly dry season helps me to focus on what matters and grow from the unpleasant experience. Being unemployed is not a fun season even if in the beginning I quite like not having to do anything. Knowing mid 20s could be my prime time, I wish I was doing something far greater than just hiding behind my screen and sharing my thoughts in secret. Nonetheless, I know every season has its reason and every moment is fleeting so I choose to enjoy whatever jobless freedom I have now.

Like it or not, life will throw shit at us and failure is guaranteed. If you don’t fail means you’re not aiming high enough. But we don’t have to fear, because it’s part of life. We get thrown into a pit and we climb our way back up. We slip and fall and we pick ourselves up. That’s what makes humans such awesome creatures. Truthfully, I had been guilty of being comfortable staying in a pit and wallowing myself in self-pity. It’s easy to just give up. Giving up is the easiest way out which is why only few people go on to become tremendously successful in life. I’m not saying I am aiming to be one of them. If you know me, you’d know I’m the least ambitious person here. I have not even figure out what’s my next plan but I can be hopeful as long as my hope is followed with actions.

I’m closing on this chapter and moving on to write more daily stuffs (film reviews and occasional ramblings). I hope this series has helped you in someway. It certainly has helped myself which means it isn’t a total flop. Lol. Always try your best and don’t give up! The end is closer than you think. Stay happy! Cheers.



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    cia you!!!

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