Token of Reminder

My collar tag.

My collar tag.

I’ve had this necklace since I was in high school. My mom gave my sister and I each a necklace with our respective name on it and I’ve worn it with pride for about 8 years now. I’ve never took it off except when I have to, and that one time when it got tangled in my clothes and I unknowingly dumped it in the washing machine. The necklace broke into two and I had to send it for repair. Even then, I felt naked when I took it off.

Yesterday, I was taking one final look in the mirror before leaving the house when I realized the necklace was missing! Anxiously, I searched around the house and inside my bags to see where I could have dropped it. My sis said, “Why don’t you pray and trust God that you’ll find it?”. At that moment, my immediate thought was that this is too trivial for God. I mean asking God to help me find my lost necklace, although it is so precious to me, would be like asking the Incredible Hulk to open a jar of pickles. I was running late to church that morning and I was tempted to just keep on looking for the necklace at home but finally I gave in and made a short prayer as such; “God, I’m sad that I can’t find my necklace but You are more important than to me so I choose to go to church now. Please help me find my necklace. I hope and believe You can do it.” and I left the house. On my way to church, something prompted me to search my bag again although I’ve already searched it at home. There, on the side pocket, I found it!

God reminded me through this that He knows what is important to me, and it might seem like a little thing but He even takes care of the littlest detail what more the big things that we need? Matthew 6: 25-34. Now that I have my necklace back, I’m wearing with me a token of reminder of how God is with me and watching over me everyday. He is awesome.


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