An Apple for The Day.

First behavioral pattern of a Tech Enthusiast: Staying up (SGT) to watch iPhone 6 keynote. And what was doing at 2 a.m. last night? Yes, sleeping. I don’t think I’ll ever choose watching an important new gadget release over a restful night sleep.

Without a doubt, every year Apple keynote is a day to mark in the digital community. People are eager to have a view of “the future” because to the general public Apple sets the benchmark for other gadgets to follow*. I have not watched the 120 minutes long keynote, but the opening clip itself is enough to make me excited about watching it (I paused and ran off to do my errands once Tim Cook enters the stage). I’ll make it a point to watch the keynote by this weekend. 

Anyhow, having subscribed to tons of tech websites, I’ve pretty much read the key points from the release; iPhone 6 and 6 plus and of course *drum rolls*… the Apple watch! 

Bigger than Bigger... and who say size doesn't matter??

Bigger than Bigger… and who say size doesn’t matter??

Although iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are the main stars of the show, I am so much more excited about the Apple Watch! The watch is the first new product that came out of Apple since Steve Jobs passed on and it could be the defining product for Tim Cook. With the split views on Apple Watch and a pricey cost starting from $349, I can’t predict how well it will do but I’m already saving up for it. Take my money, Apple!

The main reason I’m getting an Apple Watch is because it is well designed. The moment you wear it on your wrist it will scream, “I’m an early adopter!” or “I’m a pretentious sod who doesn’t understand tech but this looks cool and makes me feel cool so it must be good!”, etc. Apple Watch and Pebble are the only two smart watches that I’ve seen so far that I wouldn’t mind wearing. The rest are either too huge or too not-Apple. Of course, aside from the design, it has awesome range of function such as heart rate monitor, doodling and scrolling via the crown. It is just gorgeous.

Staring at this image for 60 sec will increase your chance of buying.

Staring at this image for 60 sec will increase your chance of buying.

For the sake of you guys who are a real tech whiz and know your stuff, check out Apple website for its features and functionality. I personally think iPhone 6, aside from the Sapphire glass, is nothing special but the Watch. Hmm yes, Apple still got it. Let me know what do you think? :)






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