[#spiritualsunday] Why I Give.

Church Building Fund can somewhat be a controversial topic. However, last night was my church’s, Trinity Christian Centre, Vision Rally and the congregation submitted our faith promise for the Church Building Fund. As I was watched the amount of money being pledged, I’m proud to be part of a church that knows the importance of giving to the Kingdom of God.


I’ve experienced God’s love for me through the ups and downs of my life and I want to share of His goodness to as many people so that they too can experience God’s love. By giving to the church with the same mission, I’m building that dream of reaching out to more lives and it is also a sign of faith. e.g. we might not have 20,000 members but we’re building a facility to accommodate 20,000 people because we believe our members will grow to that size. Faith is believing in what we have not yet seen.

I know many people or you might still think it’s stupid to give so much to the church and the church is spending all these “donation” lavishly. To be honest, I don’t really care. I mean I’m happy that my church leaders have so far been transparent about how the church funds are being utilized. But if I belong to a church that misused the church fund, I might be disappointed with the management but it won’t stop me from giving to God. I give because I desire to see extension of God’s kingdom. That’s all. How the church uses the fund, is between them and God. Between me and God, I’m doing what I can to build the church. If the money I gave help to bring one person to come to know Christ, that is good.

I can understand why members left the church if they found out their tithe/church building fund is misused. But I don’t really understand if they choose to leave God altogether. When we placed our trust in man, they may fail us. But our God is still the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. May we continue to become a generous giver to the society and wherever we are placed.

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”
Matthew 6:21



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