[#traveltuesday] Jakarta – Introduction

What better way to start the #traveltuesday theme than to begin with my birthplace, Jakarta!

Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia. Indonesia is the country that owns Bali. In case you’ve never heard of it. Now you know.

Jakarta is not the kind city that will be on people’s bucket list. It is a chaotic city marks with bottleneck traffic, overpopulation, high poverty rate yet hosts some of the most laid-back, friendliest and easy-going people in the world!

We spend half our lives getting stuck in traffic.

We spend half our lives getting stuck in traffic.

If you’re ever traveling to Jakarta (most likely on a business trip or you’re feeling extra adventurous) one thing you should not miss is the noodles! Noodle houses are ubiquitous in Jakarta and each noodle house has its own unique recipe so no two places taste the same. That also means you have to try as many noodle houses as time permits. The price per bowl ranges from US$1 to US$5.

Bakmi Akong!

Bakmi Akong, a small family-run noodle house.

Of course we have many other food that are really awesome like Martabak (pancake-ish), Pempek (Fish Cake), etc. I don’t understand why Jakarta has not become a food destination. Okay, maybe the poor infrastructure and horrendous traffic is a big tourist-proof. Nonetheless, Jakarta is definitely a city that welcomes travelers!

IMPORTANT: When taking taxi you must only hail for BLUE BIRD. You have to make sure the word “Blue Bird” is on the cab because not all blue cab with a bird logo belongs to the company. Yes, Indonesians like to trick you like that.

Other than that, enjoy the warmth of its people, depth of its cultures and the glorious food!

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