[#wwwednesday] Occupy Central

What does wwwednesday means? It refers to WorldWide Wednesday which means I will be sharing my opinion on a worldwide news.


The fight for democracy is a tough battle. Everyday someone at a different part of the World is fighting for democracy and now, the headline is on Hong Kong.

#OccupyCentral is a movement initiated by group of students in Hong Kong who are fighting for universal suffrage to elect their own leader. It makes total sense. Think about it, currently Hong Kong citizens are allowed to vote but the elected leader has to be vetted and approved by Chinese government before his/her appointment is valid.

If a higher authority has the right to overrule or limit your choices to what it accepts, doesn’t that make the whole voting system a facade??

Touching on democracy, let me piggyback and share an opinion on a news closer to home, Singapore; The Hong Lim Park protest. In summary, a blogger heading a #ReturnOurCPF campaign, like the namesake, to ask the government to return the citizen’s CPF (CPF is a mandatory social security savings scheme). He believes it is a democratic right for citizen to handle our own money. I personally don’t think that his proposal is a wise idea because what CPF does is that it helps you save for rainy days and old age. I mean if you have trouble managing your money without the CPF, what makes you think you’ll handle it better with CPF? The key is to live within your means.

Then again it’s just one blogger’s opinion. I’m talking about myself, not the blogger who started the #ReturnOurCPF protest.

Anyway, democracy is definitely a privilege that should never be taken for granted. If you’re fortunate enough to be living in a democratic country, you should never missed the opportunity to vote. Even if you don’t know who to vote for, just show up and submit an invalid vote. That way at least your vote will be counted for and the government knows that people are using their rights to vote. History told us that people died fighting for democracy. Let us not forget day.

I voted!

I voted!



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