What to do in Batam

Being just an hour ferry ride away from Singapore, Batam is one of the best short getaway destinations for people in the red dot city.

I’ve just returned from a day trip over the long weekend. That was my 4th time in Batam and I think by now it is suffice for me to share a little insight on what you can do in Batam.

1. Gokart at Golden City Batam.
If you’re the sporty type, you can head over to Golden City Batam for 10 or 20 minutes spin on a gokart. The ride cost around S$13 and S$27 respectively. It is a lot cheaper than the ones in Singapore which ridiculously cost S$90 for 20 minutes but of course the facility in Batam is nowhere near Singapore’s. Just remember to choose your gokart carefully. I picked a gokart that’s more like a “Bajaj” and ended up getting rubbles in my eyes as the rest sped past me. It was a fun experience nonetheless!

2. Eat Seafood.
Because seafood is considerably overpriced in Singapore, many people sail across the ocean to have seafood. Golden Prawn which is located right next to Golden City Gokart is a safe choice for tourists. However, I had a bad experience visiting the restaurant on a tour group because the food was cold by the time we arrived. I believe the food prepared for tour group isn’t as fresh because it was cooked way in advance. When I returned with my friends (not on tour group), it tasted much fresher. Another place to have seafood is at Harbour Bay. It has a great ambience but the food quality is slightly below average. It’s the trade off I guess.

3. A&W Fast Food.
Things to order: Root beer float, duo fries, chicken and Monas Ice Cream. I recommended having them twice at least during your trip; Once when you reached Batam and second time before you leave the city. You can never have too many of good things. *Drools*

Le Boy enjoying the Float.
Le Boy enjoying the Float.

4. Good Massage.
The best day to end the day is with a good massage. I recommend Eska Wellness Spa and Salon, a popular massage parlor chain. They have branches at the Megamall and Nagoya Hill Mall so it’s very convenient. 60 minutes of Stressless Body Massage cost S$19+ and 90 minutes cost $21+. Check out their website for more info.

5. Golf.
You need to go for at least 2D1N to enjoy the trip. The best is to play 2 rounds of green and include massage + shopping in the itinerary. I’ve only visited Palm Springs Golf Course and it is a beautiful course. Will definitely come back.

6. Other Tips:
a. Good idea to hire chauffeur for the day. 12 hours car rental inclusive of chauffeur cost about S$55 to S$60. It is value for money if you’re going with a number of friends.
b. For cheaper ferry ticket price, check out Carousell. I got mine for $34 and the original price is $48 if you buy at the terminal.
c. Try to go to the Supermarket because everything is cheaper in Batam.

There you go. I hope this is useful and if you have any questions regarding going to Batam, just drop me a message and I’ll try my best to help out. Cheers!



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