[#wwwednesday] Talking ’bout my generation

There’s something about my generation that is seemingly unconcerned about the current affairs. It’s almost seem like we live in a bubble and isn’t affected by whatever is happening across the ocean, or the even the road next door. Basically if it doesn’t impact us directly then we have no qualms about it.

They say ignorant is bliss and I believe so, but is it really the way forward?

I’m sure I’m not talking about the whole of my generation. There are people who are still strongly stirred by the news of the World. I was one of them, until I got busy with work and my own life. I often pray for God to give me the heart for others because it is alarming how the society we live in, the dog eat dog world (doggy dog world according to Sofia Vergara), is turning humans into robots. We feel nothing when we see other people suffer. We are only concerned if something is to our disadvantage or causes discomfort. Why are we becoming so nonchalant? Why am I?

Sometimes in the midst of our busyness we start to lose focus. Why does a child who dreamed of becoming a doctor gave up on it and never look back? Alright, bad example. Let me restate, why do we forego things that used to matter so much to us? Watching films used to be a ritual for me. No matter how tired I was, I would spare some time over the weekend to just watch a movie. Yet now, I’d be out dating Le Boy or staring at the computer screen for hours without realizing how fast time has flown.

Today’s #wwwednesday post may not be about a Worldwide news, but I guess this is something that people of my generation (late 80s to early 90s) can ponder about. Have we stopped caring?

Let’s hope as we pursue our lives and futures, we won’t stop paying attention to the World around us.



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