[#foodfriday] Salmon, Oh Salmon.

I could never resist Salmon Sashimi. I used to hate them but somehow along the way I grew to LOVE them and it has to be raw. Sashimi is obviously raw, but I mean I don’t fancy Salmon any way else but raw.

If you’re my fellow Salmon Sashimi lovers, the one place to satisfy your cravings is Standing Sushi Bar @ Marina Bay Link Mall. Be sure to visit the mall on a weekday night because Salmon Sashimi is going at $5/ plate of 5 slices! I basically went nuts over there. This used to be a Monday only promotion but it got so popular (not difficult to guess why) that they extended it to every weekday night! God bless the management!

Best way to end any weekday.

Best way to end any weekday.

Besides Standing Sushi Bar, I really love Ikea’s Gravad Lax Plate; Two thin salmon fillet with a bit of lemon and some skimpy green garnish. YUM. A trip to Ikea isn’t complete without a hot dog and Salmon.

Of course there are lots of other Japanese and Western Restaurants that serves really fresh and good Salmon, such as Chikuwa Tei, Sakuraya, etc. If you know of a place that I should try, please drop me a message! I’ll make it my personal mission to check out that place. *Drools* I’m salivating from all this Salmon talk.

The Many Faces of Raw Salmon.

The Many Faces of Raw Salmon.



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