[#SpiritualSunday] Hear and Hope.

I’ve had a bad week full of complaints and negative thoughts. I’m so close to quitting and I’ve been asking God if I should. I don’t think I heard His answer. I’m far too focussed on my own complaints to hear what He has to say.

There I go. I think that’s what God been trying to say.

I had a conversation with my elder sister earlier on. It’s quite annoying how elder siblings always seems to have their stuff together far more than the younger ones. I always feel like I’m one step behind everyone. That’s the devil’s lies.

God works in a mysterious way. Sometimes it may feel like we don’t hear anything from Him until we truly set our eyes on Him and just seek to listen instead of vomiting our frustrations all the time. I mean, to be honest most of the time when I ask God something I actually have an answer in mind that I wanted so I didn’t really want to know what He has to say. I just want to complain and be justified, I have no interest to know if this situation is good for me.

So there I go. I have the answer to why I feel God hasn’t been answering and I’m feeling worse day by day. I thank God that He is able to speak to me through writing and setting aside time for Him.

I don’t know what your situation is right now, but if you’re waiting on God for an answer; Press on. Clear you mind and focus on drawing closer to Him.

Last, I want to end the week with a quote from Joyce Meyer’s sermon, The Hope of Seeing Change.

“Hope is a favorable and confident expectation. It has to do with the unseen and in the future.”

Note to self and anyone who needs the Word; Everything can change. Your situation now is temporary and not hopeless. To hope is to refuse to give up. Keep hoping.

Credit: Google.

Credit: Google.



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