[#spiritualsunday] Where does God fit in?

Recently I’ve been grousing a lot. I groused so much that I hardly see the blessings that I have around me. It’s like when you’re focusing on a speck of dust on the table, you forget how beautiful the table is.

How often have we been so busy with life that we forget to set aside time for God? Sometimes I even negotiate with God, telling myself I’m sure He’d understand my situation. I’d choose sleeping over spending time with Him when the truth is I could have spent time with Him if I hadn’t been surfing the net. It all comes down to priorities.

I thank God for weekend because it’s a chance for me to reflect. I’m not proud of how I’ve spent my week, neglecting my time alone with God and wallowing in my tiredness. Now, I thank Him for allowing me to recalibrate and refocus my mind on Him; to look up to Him and not get distracted with the difficulties I have.

When we are so busy our lives, how do we fit God into our life? I’m troubled that I’m posing this question to myself because God should have been in our lives right from the start. He is not a person that recently joined my life and now I have to think of how do I fit Him in. He has been there throughout my ups and downs. He has given me a wonderful job, and now that I’m working hard on my job, suddenly I forgotten about Him. Note to self: Learn to appreciate The Giver more than the gift.

If you’re like me, in a situation where you’re aren’t too satisfied in but you know God is teaching you something although you can’t exactly pinpoint what it is at the moment, I wish to share this wall art that I happened to pass by yesterday.

It's like God speaking to me through wall art. #mindblown

It’s like God speaking to me through wall art. #mindblown

Recognise Your Purpose. Always remember that God has a purpose for your life. I am not a 100% sure of what it is but I know He is working in me and that I’m made for more for His glory. So I’m walking this road with pride and confidence, knowing that He is with me and in my weakness, there I’ll find His strength. Amen.



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