[#spiritualsunday] Pillar of Salt

One of the biggest struggles I have is to let go of things of the past; Mostly, experiences that I can never re-live. This is how my happiness chart looks like over the years:

Yes, I'm currently in my all-time lowest point.

Yes, I’m currently in my all-time lowest point.

The culprit of my unhappiness is because I often look back. The life I had and the life I’m having are very different. In the past, I didn’t have to be responsible for a lot of things and I lived in different countries and met people of different cultures who bring about a variety of experiences. That are the things I enjoy.

Last night I listened to a sermon based on the life of Joseph on how the adversities in life help to shape one’s character and reach for one’s destiny. It was a message I needed to hear. Honestly, I don’t remember all the points that was mentioned (note to self: Take sermon notes!) but I recall the preacher saying about how in life it is quite inevitable not to experience loss; be it losing someone we love or having fond memories of the past that we can’t go back to. There are also adversity of temptation; like Joseph who was tempted by Potiphar’s wife, and adversity of delay. Joseph had a God-given dream but he was sold to slavery, wrongly accused and put to jail before he finally reached his destiny.

Besides, a story in the bible about Lot’s wife who turned into Pillar of Salt reminded me not to look back and continue running forward.* I mean sometimes it is difficult not to recall the past good times, but we have to be mindful not to gaze longingly because it would prevent us from getting to our destination.

So yes, let us look to the future. Whatever adversities you might be facing, know that it is temporary – a delay that will shape you and mould you into the person fit for the purpose God has created for you. If you need the reassurance, read the bible because it is practically the love letter that God has prepared and you can find so many people before us that has gone through so much more and finally proved God is always true to His character and promises.

Closing note by Joyce Meyer: “A lot of people will never get where they want to be because they never stop complaining about where they’re at.”


*Read Genesis 19 if you’re not familiar with the story. ;)


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