[#traveltuesday] Invercargill – A city where Dreams Are Possible.

Let’s travel back in time – 2007 to be exact.

I lived in a small city at the far end of the Earth called Invercargill. You might have heard it if you’re an avid Indian motorcyclist (Indian – The Motorcycle brand, not the country) or if you’re a New Zealander. You might have passed it on your way to Queenstown while visiting the land of hobbits. If you can’t recall, it’s fine. It’s easy to overlook the sleepy town unless you spent enough time to form fond memories of Invercargill.

The first thing you will notice when you step into Invercargill is this:

Having spent a year there, I can testify that though Invercargill is a small city (with population of 10,000 at that time), it has this vibe that every dream is possible.

I suspect it has to do with Invercargill being geographically located in the far corner of the Earth. It made you feel a little out of the World and that you have a second chance to start afresh. I came there without knowing anyone, to be fair I didn’t know Invercargill existed until I enroll into the school, and I left the city having met people who become my windows of the World. Also, I was there to study film and film was and still is my passion. It was practically me on a bootcamp for something I’m passionate about.

young and free

young and free

Someday, I’ll definitely come back or even write a film about my experience there. I don’t know. When you’re young everything seems possible. I wonder now that I’m older will I feel the same way if I go back?

Maybe, on your way to Queenstown and you check the city out and see for yourself. Do visit the Queens Park which is all the entertainment there is in the city, but it’s kinda cool how they have the big park in the heart of the city. Kinda like Central Park, New York don’t you think? lol.

Pure New Zealand Ice Cream!

Pure New Zealand Ice Cream!



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