[#spiritualsunday] Battlefield.

My feeling exactly.

My feeling exactly.

This sucks. It sucks to feel defeated and struggling to face every day.

As children of God we are called to live as a conqueror. The King of kings died for us and we should live in a way worthy of that. Yet, the reality is that we are still tormented with the daily struggles, opposition or negative thoughts. The reason I feel so tormented is because I haven’t got the Word of God nailed in my head, so I took the initiative to listen to a sermon (If you’re having a battle with negativity or feeling troubled, unfit, etc, this sermon is for you):

The mind is a battlefield and I’m gonna win it.

Some of the thoughts that I need to erase:

1. I’m not competent enough to do this.
2. I’m always making mistakes.

The rest have been erased as I’m typing this.

Let’s get into agreement with God and not the devil. Believe in what God says about us and not what the devil says. Learn who we are in Christ and stop caring about what people think about us. God has a good plan for our lives. Carve this in our heads.



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