It starts Right Here, Right Now.

I get into the state of dilemma more often than average humans do simply because of my indecisiveness.I might be overestimating myself but it sure feels like I’m constantly at lost between two choices. That’s why, this year, I decided to make my life easier by making decision at the spot instead of stalling to evaluate. It might lead me to making poor decision but it’s better than making no decision.

Let me ask you a hypothetical scenario, if your ex broke up with you because of his situation and then he wants to get back again because his situation has improved would you run to his arms again? Or would you not, because the same situation might arise again?

To add on to the story, you are currently seeing someone else who is certainly not as good as your ex but he fulfills the bare minimum standard of a boyfriend. He takes you out occasionally, gives you attention as and when, but most of the time no.

Which would you choose?

If I were, hypothetically speaking, the girl with such dilemma, I’ll choose to be single. There’s no point going back to the ex who backs out on you when times are tough and there’s no point settling for whatever you can get just to put a status of “in a relationship” on your dating resume.

Being single can be therapeutic and it gives you time for self-reflection to find out what exactly you’re looking for. So if you’re caught in the situation like above it might be a good chance for you to discover more about the World, walk your way back to God, do the things you’ve always wanted to do but have no time.

Disclaimer: All scenarios are purely fictional and any similarities to reality are coincidental. Especially to Le Boy if you’re reading this. :p


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