Movie Rant: The Interview (2014)

I watched The Interview last night and it was definitely one of the most entertaining stupid movies that I’ve seen. In general I’m not not a fan of movies with crude jokes or demeaning plot. Here, I think the storyline wasn’t demeaning. Unless you’re Kim Jong Un himself or a North Korean patriots, then you should be offended. It’s no wonder the North Korean took this movie as a serious offense and tried to prevent its release. Their “infallible” leader is clearly the subject of ridicule here.

Seth Rogen and James Franco certainly shown themselves as a slapstick duo, great chemistry and uber hilarious. I can’t wait for their next production. For successfully downgrading the Supreme Leader of North Korean and making a hilarious joke out of him, I think Sony Picture deserve to get nuked and that’s a compliment.

Very apt poster.

Very apt poster.



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