Where to eat in Hong Kong

I visited Hong Kong recently and have now come into agreement with whoever says Hong Kong is a foodie haven.

I was there for a 4D3N getaway and managed to squeeze 14 eateries into our itinerary. We could have visited more but we were literally carrying overfed stomach throughout the day and it might not be wise to force feed ourselves. Note to self: Next time in Hong Kong eat smaller portion but more often.

Hipster cafes are sprouting everywhere in Asia. In Hong Kong (or more accurately, central Hong Kong), Instagram-worthy hipster-looking cafes are ubiquitous and many of them are from the same management, e.g. Caffe Habitu group which owns Cafe Habitu and The Coffee Academics. It’s very convenient to pop by one of the coffee shop chain stores and sip a cup of coffee (tea latte for me) after hours of walking.

In particular, I really enjoyed going to Sheung Wan, not only do they have a vibrant art spaces at the PMQ, the restaurants/cafes there are awesome. Never mind walking the steep steps to get there. I would climb that hill over and over again just to have a bite of the succulent yaktori at Yardbird.

Yardbird is the place one should try out in Hong Kong.

If you prefer to have local food, then I’d recommend Ho Hung Kee at Hysan Place, level 12. The Wonton Noodle tasted so delicious I would remember it for life and it’s no wonder they earn one Michelin star. The only wonton noodle to earn the prestigious star (Quote from a website I can’t recall, 2014).

Finally, there’s a hearsay that when in Hong Kong you should have sashimi and that couldn’t be more true. I was looking to try fancy Japanese restaurant but they cost quite a bomb and we weren’t sure if sashimi in Hong Kong is that different from what we have back home, so we settled for a mid-range Senryo, owned by Genki Sushi group. We had tuna and salmon sashimi and they melted in our mouths. Yes, it was that good. Just to be sure we weren’t just hungry and exaggerating the experience, we visited the same restaurant at a different location and yeap, we were still blown by it. Our applauses for Senryo are sealed.

Snippets of the treasures.

Snippets of the treasures.

I would go back to Hong Kong just to eat at these 3 places again. They are the nicest food in each of their categories; yakitori, wonton noodle, and sashimi. I still have many restaurants in my to-try-in-Hong-Kong list so I will definitely be back and also, be reunited with these 3 eateries!



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