Picking your battle

After my quarter of a century experience as an Earth resident I have finally understood the concept of picking your battle, although I may not have mastered the art of picking them. 

There are many things we can be bothered with or get affected by. You might see parents scolding their kids in public and feel bothered by it, or beggars on the street that you feel helpless for. I am not going to tell you how to control your emotions and not be too affected by them because I don’t know how.

What I’ve learnt the best way to choose your battle is to first have your personal list of important things. Best if you could list them in order starting from most to least important. Then when you’re faced with a situation, have a mental Q&A. “How important is this to me?“. E.g. If spending time with family and friends is most important to you and you’re holding a job that takes up all your time then you know you need to fight for a work life balance. But if you don’t regard it as important (yet) or you place career progression as more important then you need not fight the battle and just continue to work hard. Might not be the best advice or example but you know my point.

One thing I try to remember is that we don’t have all the time in the world to care or be part of everything. I have tons of hobbies but if I were to pursue each one of them I would either be burnt out or missing out on something else. 

When we pick a battle we put ourselves in the position to gain something of value to us but something else gotta give. Like if you choose to argue with your boss over something you believe in, you will be able to sleep well and be at peace with yourself but you might lose your job. So it’s not really so much of knowing how to choose your battle, but rather knowing what’s important to you.

With that, I think what’s most important to me right now is to sleep. I shall not fight my heavy eyes. Goodnight!




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