Charging >>>

The frequency of me updating is blog is embarrassingly almost never. It’s a shame how I’ve gone from an avid blogger, to an occasional blogger and now it’s as if I’ve left the blogging hemisphere completely. I could vow to blog more often from today onwards like I always do, but I can only prove that by doing so.

I can’t recall when I started drifting from writing. I used to hold this dream of someday writing my own book so close to my heart that I prayed about it almost every night. Now that dream seems so distant and I’ve not been praying every night but only on nights that I am in need or not too tired from doing time-wasting stuffs.

Growing up sucks. I don’t hate turning into an adult but I’m beginning to realise having a job, feeling confident of your own strength can make you so self-reliant that eventually it’ll suck you dry. When we rely on our own strength, sometimes it kinda look like a hamster running on a wheel. You exert all your energy to move faster and think that you’re getting further but really you’re standing in the same spot without inching any closer to achieving something. Once in a while, I’m reminded that’s exactly what is happening to my life and be led back to The Source. Sometimes I don’t know where to start, but being intentional about coming back to God even when you don’t know how or what to do is definitely a step forward.
I am ranting here as a way to come back to The Source. Earlier today I was wondering when do I feel closest to God and the answer is when I’m writing. I guess every time I write it feels like I’m baring my soul as it is, unafraid to be judged. Everyone can feel burnt out but we should never let that feeling of tiredness burn our soul.

Cheers to a greater week ahead!



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