The day I moved my Cheese

I’m reading this book Who Moved My Cheese? few years later than the general public. In case you’ve not heard of it, it’s a book about change told through simple story of 4 characters; two mice and two Littlepeople. I’ve tried retelling the story to my colleagues but clearly my version of the story lacks conviction, so I’d rather you get/download/borrow a copy and read it for yourself. It’ll be a worthwhile 30 minutes investment for your life.

Large font size and pictures! You'll finish this book in no time.

Large font size and pictures! You’ll finish this book in no time.

So, today I moved my Cheese.

Am I afraid that I am making a bad decision? Yes.
What would I do if I wasn’t afraid? Made that decision.
Hence, I moved my Cheese.

Change is often unwelcome, especially if it requires you to make major adjustments in life. Even as adventurous as I am, I have been in the situation where I got so comfortable with things that I was immune to the stench of the stale cheese, and when my Cheese got moved it hit me pretty hard.* Looking back I should have seen the signs. But that’s the beauty of life, nothing is ever wasted; mistakes become valuable lessons. I think I am now less afraid of going to the uncharted territory than to face the repercussion of holding on to old cheese.* So yes, I sealing this in prayer and setting sail.




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